Monero cli wallet

Instead generate a very strong wallet password with your password manager (256 bits of entropy). Use stagenet for learning. The option also works in combination with -generate-new-wallet.

restore-deterministic-wallet Restore a wallet from secret mnemonic seed. log-level arg 0-4 with 0 being minimal logging and 4 being full tracing. Help monero cli wallet and version help - list all commands help command_name - show help for individual command version - show version of the monero-wallet-cli binary Network status status - show if synced up to the blockchain height fee - show current fee-per-byte. Restore wallet Option Description -generate-from-device arg Restore/generate a special halteseil usdt trc 20 wallet to work with a hardware device like Ledger or Trezor and save it to arg file.

The wallet is created based on a secret view key and standard address. shared-ringdb-dir arg Set shared ring monero cli wallet database path.

How to generate a Ledger Monero wallet with the CLI

Connection happens over http and uses this API. Note this should be a separate config than monerod uses because these tools accept different set of options. testnet Run on testnet. restore-multisig-wallet Restore a multisig wallet from secret seed that was earlier exported with the seed interactive command. Transaction signing with a private spend key always happens on the hardware device.

This is useful to combine all multisig secret keys back into the standard monero cli wallet wallet (when you no longer need the multisig). See -trusted-daemon for more details.

Help and version, option, bitcoin'den ethereum'a description -help, enlist available options. This can happen if you generated unique subaddresses for n clients in a row monero cli wallet but none of them paid.


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