Data mdb monero

I found the. You can, after verifying that your GUI runs properly, delete the old file of course. In addition, create a subdirectory called lmdb.

On Linux and Mac OS X, it's probably most convenient to create a little script. Now save the text file as t (windows batch file). 0.14 release blockchain pruning to its daemon software. Old: 21533MiB, New: 22047MiB 13:56:25.303 I lmdb Mapsize increased. This tutorial is about pruning with the third method.

Next head to C:ProgramDatabitmonero folder and copy all data mdb monero the files. You can even move to an external hard drive or flash drives.

Old: 7174MiB, New: 7686MiB 17:47:41.301 I Copying txs_prunable_hash 18:01:59.119 I Copying tx_indices 18:05:23.160 I lmdb Mapsize increased. If you're using Windows 10, it'll, most likely, give you an option to open the Powershell. This feature allows you to optionally "prune" about 2/3 of the blockchain data, while still contributing to the network.

I found an old bitcoin wallet!

The blockchain is on a rotating drive: this will be very slow, use an SSD if possible. Old: 4100MiB, New: 4612MiB 17:11:07.458 I lmdb Mapsize increased. Exe -data-dir pathtonewdirectory, if that doesn't data mdb monero work either in the Powershell, type:./monerod. Old: 13318MiB, New: 13830MiB 20:20:48.698 I Copying spent_keys 20:24:49.201 I lmdb Mapsize increased. The reason why I am asking is because it looked like the n was called b and it was contained in an lmdb folder.

In app data I have bitmonero and data mdb monero then inside that folder it has n, n, and. You have moved the blockchain safely and successfully!

My question is - where do I copy the n in xubuntu so I don't have to download it again. Old: 21021MiB, New: 21533MiB 13:49:09.198 I lmdb Mapsize increased. Once it is done start daemon and verify if it is updating.

4, note that aforementioned directories are, by default, hidden. The process in changing the blockchain location is simple on both GUI and CLI wallet. On Mac OS X, you can typically use cmdshiftdot to unhide directories.


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