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However, its easy to determine if your vehicle is isofix-compatible. What are the advantages of using isofix? The isofix concept originated in Europe with the idea of creating a child restraint system that could be used independently of a vehicles installed seat belts. Check the cars user manual it will specify if the car features isofix fittings.

Isofix connection points look like a small recess with a metallic bar across the front. Before isofix arrived in Australia, a Monash University study found that 88 of forward-facing car seats, 67 of infant seats and 63 of booster seats were incorrectly installed in this country. Always read the installation manual carefully before attaching an isofix car seat to your vehicle. While der Ethereum-Blockchain-Explorer Chasing Cars has endeavoured to ensure the information weve relied on is accurate and current, we do not guarantee it and accept no liability for this information.

In the car, a pair of dedicated low anchorage bars is fitted to the junction of the back seat cushion and seat back; the attachment connectors on the compatible child seat then clip on to those anchoring points. Flexibility, as rant gt isofix top tether long as your vehicle is fitted with an isofix top tethering anchor point, you can use either isofix-compatible lower anchoring points or the cars existing seat belt to secure the lower part of an isofix child seat. Bear in mind that not all car seats sold in Australia are isofix-compatible. Disclaimer: This information is general in nature only and does not constitute personal advice. The isofix system combines manufacturer-installed vehicle connection points with an isofix-compatible child car seat.

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In addition, the child seats top tether strap is attached to a top tether anchorage point in the vehicle, restraining rant gt isofix top tether the top part of the child seat. You also have the option of buying a seat with a rigid or flexible attachment connector. Does my car have isofix? Not all Australian cars have isofix connection points its entirely up to the car manufacturer whether to include them with their new cars.

The simplicity of the isofix design helps mitigate the margin for error traditionally associated with installation and use of child vehicle restraints. I ii i adgroupid.

With isofix, you have the choice of securing the bottom of the seat with the cars built-in isofix attachment points or with your existing seat belts. There are two main reasons why isofix child restraint systems are becoming such a popular addition to modern Australian vehicles: Easy to install and use, the clip-in system is super bitcoin sbtc simple and reliable.


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