Ethereum classic block explorer

"poweredbyCustom false, "poweredbyEtcImage img/g "poweredbyEtc true, "useRichList true, "useFiat true, "miners "EtherMine "F2Pool "NanoPool "MiningPoolHub "UUPool "91pool "2miners "etcpool PL "Clona Network "Whalesburg "private(0x3b2d2613 "private(0x919973eb "private(0xb205f337 "private(0x232cad04 "0x999c d3677ee3c6065c8a8a92721ac5 "0x39cd b7da518fd352261aad0cb9fd3 "91pool "Solo Mining Pools bd "epool "private(0x58b3cabd0 "ArsMine "private(0x5bc9ccbd3 "0x "private(0x492441498 "private(0xa9a926bed "2miners. Live Version: Follow the project progress at: ETC Block Explorer Development, local installation, clone the repo git clone m/ethereumclassic/explorer. Json parameters npm run sync Enabling stats requires running a separate process: npm run stats Enabling richlist requires running a separate process: npm run rich You can configure intervals (how often a new data point is pulled). NGO_URI useMongoClient: true / poolSize: 5, / rs_name: 'myReplicaSetName / user: 'explorer / pass: 'yourdbpasscode' And explore. Install mongodb: MacOS: brew install mongodb, ubuntu: sudo apt-get install -y mongodb-org.

Js (New data point every 100 blocks. Js:103 lines, add auth information and mongodb connect options. Quiet, suppress some messages. Js (which populates MongoDB with ethereum classic block explorer blocks/transactions). ETC, fee:.000086 Confirmations1.

ETC, fee:.00086 Confirmations5.03272775 ETC, fee:.00086 Confirmations0.48259035 ETC. Ethereum Classic Explorer, blocks, height, hash, timestamp. Fee:.000080 Confirmations1.68372761 ETC, fee:.000080 Confirmations0.33674552 ETC, fee:.000080 Confirmations0.33674552 ETC, fee:.000080 Confirmations0.8418638 ETC.

Ethereum Classic ETC Blocks List

UseRichList, if useRichList is set to true, explorer will update account balance for richlist page. (RPC http port is deprecated on Web3.0 see ml#value ) startBlock, this is the start block of the blockchain, should always be 0 if you want to sync the whole ETC blockchain. Fee:.00080 Confirmations0.61736918 ETC, fee:.00080 Confirmations1.386471 ETC, fee:.00080 Confirmations0.7 ETC. Enable database authorization in the MongoDB configuration file /etc/nf by appending the following lines: authtrue Restart MongoDB and verify the administrative user created earlier can connect: sudo service mongodb restart mongo -u admin -p your_password -authenticationDatabaseadmin If everything is configured. Run The below will start both the web-gui and sync.

Patch, if set to true and below value is set, sync will iterated through the ethereum classic block explorer # of blocks specified. Json to ternal Run docker-compose. ETC, eRC20 Token Transfers.

(admittedly still not quiet) syncAll. Fee:.00080 Confirmations0.04554056 ETC, fee:.00080 Confirmations23.86165124 ETC, fee:.00080 Confirmations0.98774841 ETC. Transactions, size (kB) wed, 22:28:28 UTC ethereum classic block explorer wed, 22:28:09 UTC wed, 22:28:08 UTC wed, 22:28:04 UTC wed, 22:27:58 UTC Wed, 22:27:46 UTC wed, 22:27:32 UTC xdf155399e5304e7d22ff00b59d bf3dc4f4c94bd94b4444fedc60, wed, 22:27:27 UTC wed, 22:27:17 UTC xa023033bb9111bf37cd4c9a078c e042dbdb9678e38f694250 Wed, 22:27:09 UTC Wed, 22:27:02.

Fee:.00086 Confirmations16.40045206 ETC, fee:.00086 Confirmations443. Setup your configuration file: cp config. Backend, subversion, protocol Version, last Block12951488, difficulty).

Confirmations0 ETC, fee:.00086 Confirmations4.29894865 ETC, fee:.00086 Confirmations9.99958 ETC. ETC, fee:.000080 ethereum classic block explorer Confirmations1.12 ETC, fee:.000080 Confirmations0.8418638 ETC.


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