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The whack-a-mole approach was untenable and vulnerable to legal challenges. Wall Street Journal : Trump's TikTok, WeChat Actions Targeting China Revoked by Biden. Shirin Ghaffary vox : TikTok's Trump problem is now TikTok's Biden problem iTnews : US revokes Trump executive orders that sought to ban TikTok, WeChat. The White House : fact sheet: Executive Order Protecting Americans' Sensitive Data from Foreign Adversaries.

Commerce will reassess the threat, consulting w/DNI etc. Brian Fung cNN : President Biden revokes Trump executive orders targeting TikTok and WeChat and issues fresh order. TikTok just changed its privacy policy to allow it to collect biometric data including faceprints and voiceprints on all.S. Data Michael Kan / PCMag : Biden Rescinds Trump's Orders Seeking to Ban TikTok, WeChat Bobby Allyn / NPR : Biden Drops Trump's Ban on TikTok And WeChat But Will Continue The Scrutiny Rebecca Klar / The Hill : Biden replaces. BBC : Donald Trump-era ban on TikTok dropped by Joe Biden. Shira Ovide / @shiraovide : Let us never forget that the TikTok ban drama bought us this great moment from Walmart: m/. Lucas Ropek gizmodo : Biden Order Declares TikTok Not Quite a Threat to National Security, Yet. (otoh: not for ens ethereum isim servisi storing American user data, and it's not a foreign company itself.) m/.

The TikTok ban never happened and won't be happening, instead this administration will be doing an evidence based approached where they will assess if each app is a threat before deciding it's a threat. Charlie Savage new York Times : Live Updates: CNN Says Government Issued Gag Order in Fight Over Reporter's Email Data. More: The White House : Executive Order on Protecting Americans' Sensitive Data from Foreign Adversaries. Bobby Chesney / @bobbychesney : Biden has revoked Trump's executive orders on TikTok WeChat. Ashley Gold axios : Biden revokes, replaces Trump executive orders on Chinese-owned apps.

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Peter Suciu forbes : Biden Reversed Course On TikTok And WeChat - What Does It Mean? The latest in the volatile journey of TikTok in the.S. Death penalty on TikTok and WeChat while investigations still linger Tweets: Salih Hudayar / @salihhudayar : This is a huge mistake made by @potus @JoeBiden's Administration as it will only make it easier for China to spy on the. The underlying sanction framework remains in place for potential use w/others. Clara Chan / Hollywood Reporter : Trump's Executive Order Against TikTok, WeChat Dropped by Biden Administration Sean Lyngaas / CyberScoop : Biden revokes TikTok ban, issues new guidance for evaluating foreign apps Cristiano Lima / Politico : Biden revokes Trump's.

Adi Robertson / @thedextriarchy : Curious if the investigation here ends up touching Apple's deal for iCloud data storage in China, since it's been working with state-linked enterprises for years. Rebbeca Ren pingWest : Biden revokes Trump's ban youtube the verge on TikTok and WeChat. Link to new EO: https www.

Shira youtube the verge Ovide / @shiraovide : Well, that was a good use of everyone's time and energies. The new EO lays out a comprehensive approach to the security challenges.

Ken Buck / youtube the verge @repkenbuck : Big mistake. Kevin Beaumont / @gossithedog : Smart.


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