Monero wallet rpc

igd Set UPnP port mapping on the router Internet Gateway Device. hide-my-port monerod will still open and listen on the p2p port. Option Description -public-node Advertise to other users they can use this node as a remote one for connecting their wallets. Received - unsigned int; Amount of the transaction. Useful for working with a local, archival blockchain. Inputs: payment_id - string; Payment ID used to find the payments (16 characters hex).

Total - unsigned int; Total amount of signature in the multisig wallet. Export_raw - boolean; (Optional) If true, return the raw transaction data. Typically, you monero wallet rpc will also want to manage monerod daemon with systemd or similar. Addresses array of addresses informations address string; The 95-character hex (sub)address string. It is not recommended to statically ban any IP addresses unless you absolutely need.

Address_index - unsigned int; Index of the new address under the input account. This is to facilitate server authentication to client. Bans Show the currently banned IPs. Example:./monerod -add-exclusive-node:18081 -add-exclusive-node:18081 -out-peers Set max number of outgoing connections to other nodes.

Help, version, status Option Description help command Show help for command. Print_pool_sh Print the transaction pool monero wallet rpc using a short format. Blockchain Option Description print_height Show local blockchain height.

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Outputs: account_index - unsigned int; Index of the new account. If not specified, monerod will use hardcoded monero wallet rpc seed nodes on the first run, and peers cached on disk on subsequent runs. Limit_down kB/s Get or set the download limit.

(Defaults to monero wallet rpc false) get_tx_metadata - boolean; (Optional) Return list of transaction metadata needed to relay the transfer later. Inputs: filename - string; wallet name stored in wallet-dir. reorg-notify arg Run a program when reorganization happens (ie, at least one block is removed from the top of the blockchain). Example: curl -X post http 18082/json_rpc -d -H 'Content-Type: application/json' "id "0 "jsonrpc "2.0 "result store Save the wallet file.

Txid - string; Transaction ID for this transfer. This was introduced as an emergency measure to deal with large DDoS attacks on Monero p2p network in Dec 2020 / Jan 2021. Address - string; Public address of the wallet used to sign the data.

Optionally, label the new address. This is useful for long-running / server scenarios. H 'Content-Type: application/json' "id "0 "jsonrpc "2.0 "result "n_outputs 35 import_outputs Import outputs in hex format. prep-blocks-threads Max number of threads to use when computing block hashes (PoW) in groups. In the example below, the spend has been proven: curl -X post http 18082/json_rpc -d is my -H 'Content-Type: application/json' "id "0 "jsonrpc "2.0 "result "good true In the example below, the wrong message is used, avoiding.


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