Dag size ethereum classic

Specification Alternatives, a: do not activate ecip but continue to collect data and prepare code. If DAG is decreased below 3 GB or below 2 GB, owners of older GPUs may unexpectedly have a chance to participate again. Therefore, it should be included in a scheduled hardfork at a certain block number. DAG is a Directed Acyclic Graph. The units of Ethash before and after activation may be deemed not fully comparable and thus impair a fair chance for follow-the-longest-chain to play out.

This ecip moves the goalposts of a game that has already started. It may be hard to assess sentiment whether its better 1050 ti monero for ETC to lead with stability or to lead with progression. If sufficient interest is not generated by manufactures in the mining field, there is risk dag size ethereum classic of domination by one or more manufactures. Forcing GPUs into obsolescence does not provide an increase in security. The only modification is to stop the increase of DAG size and cache size.

Ethereum, ethereum Classic, expanse, ubiq, metaverse #12647617 #12950875 #4944964 #1587053 #. s #421 #431 #164 #52 # GB *Updated: 1 seconds ago. DAG size in the future: Generating.

Quantifying DAG Size 1 epoch 30,000 blocks (about 5 days). This ecip may not attract sufficiently broad support from client software, mining stacks (Claymore pools, Bitmain (E3 software upgrade). It may be unclear how to gather sentiment around a change that affects investments into the physical layer currently valued at 21 mio USD, or how to assess and handle contentious or friendly forks emerging from this ecip.

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To set the dag growth to a number smaller than what would occur through the normal calculation. But remember it depends on a block finding time.

C: reverse growth at block 10,000,000, stop decline at block. A Magic Dag Epoch block is of 64 replaces blockNumber / epochLength as the epoch number after the fork block and when the dag is calculated in the future this epoch is always used. Owners of 4 GB GPUs or Bitmain E3 dag size ethereum classic may see unexpected additional profitability. DAG file is locating directly in your GPU memory.

DAG file is generated every mining epoch and it increases from epoch to dag size ethereum classic epoch. This ecip may require coordination with ETH hashrate ethereum classic given that ETH is considering both a change to ProgPoW and a change to PoS in the near future.


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