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Free of charge for any amount of rigs. Then set your limit of speed and the Amount of BTC you would like to spend on the hashing power. Arkadiy Soloviev, @aksoloviev I really like this pool. 1.8 KPaid to miners, last 24 hours, show Recent Payouts.

Pool Fees, we charge a fee of 1 on mining rewards. Everything is written in accessible language. Regular payments, tutorials, reliable servers, rig monitoring bot. Example command line for xmrig: xmrig -o m:4444 -u you can also use the XMRig config wizard, then sit back and wait for your pending balance to start increasing on your dashboard. Using Rig IDs Each wallet may have many rig IDs which let you view their hashrate individually, while they all contribute to the same wallet for payments. Jamil Fahrutdinov, Turkmenistan@dzhama, great pool! Xmr-node-proxy The minimum fixed difficulty for xmr-node-proxy is 2000000. To create an order on NiceHash you have to use the following settings: Local wallet or exchange integrated address (without Payment ID Algorithm: RandomXmonero, stratum hostname or IP: nopool.

RandomX is an algorithm that takes asic resistance one step further. Can p ing the Luxor team if any issues. Invalid Shares Invalid shares should not occur with a properly set up miner. Any account suspected of botnet mining or web mining will be banned.

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Expired Shares Expired shares are a regular occurrence, since there is always some latency (less than 1 second) between the network finding a new block and all miners being notified. 2hrs, regular payouts every 2 hours. It monero pool nicehash distributes payouts for each block amongst the last N shares, regardless of when the previous block was found. Go to the Nicehash Marketplace. Custom Pool Name: Can be anything.

Using Many Miners monero pool nicehash If you are running a legal operation with a large number of miners (ie more than 100 miners please setup and use xmrig-proxy, which allows more efficient management of workers. Helsinki 30 ms, warsaw 31 ms, berlin 34 ms, top Countries.

Step 1: Get yourself a Monero address to mine to! Testimonials, above all, great customer support which monero pool nicehash always have an advice.


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