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What is more, other involved members of the BitShares community, such as developers or market analysts are welcome to use BitShareScan for their activities. The following features are available for current users: Information about BitShares transactions, users, and assets. We know how to adjust the multifaceted BitShares to your specific enterprise needs. Hello there, Today, the OpenLedger team presents a new project, which, as we do believe, will be beneficial for the BitShares community members. This technology will let you monitor your vehicle journeys and protect tracking data from modifications and forgery. Convenient mobile version of the explorer website.

BitShareScan provides you with information about transactions, users, and assets of the BitShares blockchain. Data export, this is just a start, right now BitShareScan is in version.1. What is more, weve already built a backlog of features soon to be implemented. With one of the most experienced development teams, were the natural choice to build Graphene and BitShares seamlessly into your business.

Russian and Chinese languages bitshares openledger info support. Quick search by transactions, assets, and accounts.

OpenLedger brings a team of experienced blockchain developers to every project, working with business partners to create custom solutions for fintech, entertainment, insurance, and other industries. Access the power of a custom decentralized network built to your specifications. We can make shipments easily traceable, improve compliance management, secure operations, and more by leveraging BitShares. Almost any industry can benefit from BitShares development, but some established use cases are: Automotive, we help car dealers and brokers take advantage of blockchain to serve their clients with the full history of every vehicle and spare parts, from pre-production to sales. We work with some of the most popular blockchains for business, including Hyperledger, EOS, BitShares, and Ethereum.

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Logistics, bitShares development is your way to improve your logistics processes. The dynamic search options let you conveniently get the data about transactions, accounts, and tokens, monitor the latest activities, and blockchain changes. For more details, read our. BitShareScan features, bitShareScan was designed for handy BitShares data search and lets you find the necessary information just in a few clicks.

Please meet, bitShareScan a BitShares blockchain explorer. If you continue to browse this website, we will bitshares openledger info assume you agree that we can place cookies on your device. The OpenLedger team plans to release the following versions of the tool soon!

This website uses cookies for analytics, personalization, and performance improvements. Detailed information on the blockchains Witnesses, Committee, Workers, Proxy, Voting Report, etc. Full history of transactions available for any account.

In the nearest future, well bring the new things to BitShareScan: Information and search by blocks. Last bitshares openledger info months buy/sell history available for any account.


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